Family and Friends 5-Day Tour

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Family and Friends Custom Tour

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Monthly departures starting at $2985 per person “Group Pricing”

Pack your bags and take the trip with Cuba Up Close now!

We have created a Worry-Free Travel Experience to Cuba!

Cuba Up Close All-inclusive Package Includes:

  • Health Insurance and Mandatory Documentation required to enter Cuba
  • Meals in Premium Restaurants and Top Accommodations
  • Daily Happy Hour at Legendary Bars
  • Private Tours of Various Sites and Optional Leisure Time
  • Transportation in Private Vehicle with Driver and Guide
  • Access to the REAL Cuba through behind-the-scenes meetings with artists, musicians, professors, doctors, farmers and Cuban officials.

Our Tour Price does not include: Driver and Guide Gratuities

Family and Friends Custom Tour

In our customized private tour, you will have the unique option of being spontaneous in your travels. Cuba Up Close can easily help you customize your tour to suit your interests and tastes.

  • Explore vibrant cultural events and sites
  • Meet the warm welcoming people of Cuba and take in all that this historical gem of a city has to offer
  • Be chaperoned from Fort Lauderdale, Florida with our knowledgeable, responsible and locally connected guides
  • Have the access to people, cultural traditions, sites, villages and stories not otherwise accessible to other travelers
  • Indulge for lunch and dinner at top-rated paladar restaurants and daily Happy Hour

There are many cultural sites to visit in this exciting country! Our tour includes the Museo de Revolution, the cobblestoned streets of Old Havana, the National Theater, the Capolito building, the legendary Hotel National, a ride in classic American beauties (vintage cars) as we cruise through Old Havana, the “Picasso” of the Caribbean’s home and museum and more. Join us!


Sample Itinerary based on 5 days

Day 1 | Miami

Arrive in Miami in time for a welcoming hors d’oeuvre/cocktail reception and orientation where we will talk about our exciting upcoming travels and departure the following morning to Havana!

Day 2 | Havana

  • You will be processed at Fort Lauderdale or Miami International Airport and board our flight to Jose Marti International Airport.
  • After our hotel check-in and a welcome cocktail, we will depart on a city tour begin to familiarize ourselves with the city. Music fills the air in Old Havana and we will make a stop at Ernest Hemingway’s favorite jaunt, La Floridita for a famous daiquiri and the sounds of its well-known house band belting our “Guantanamera” (for those families traveling with children, they are allowed in this lively lounge and will enjoy the music).
  • We will depart La Floridita and stroll through the narrow streets of Old Havana, looking into shops and taking in the sights and sounds of a vibrant city in full swing.
  • We will go back to our hotel to regroup, unpack and get ready for our first dinner at a popular paladar restaurant, rumored to be former President Obama’s favorite. (good thing we know the owner because reservations are hard to come by).
  • After dinner we will stroll through San Francisco Square and stop for a beverage or ice cream as we begin to see why La Habana was not only designated a UNESCO world heritage site but also once considered the Rome of the Caribbean.
  • We will stop into more than one jazz club and pick our favorite. For families with children, we will have other options available for the children, such as bicycle taxi tours, stops at local craft stores and listening to street musicians with one of our responsible guides before meeting the parents back at the lounge.

Day 3 | Old Havana

  • After our breakfast buffet, we will take a tour on a horse and carriage! Children and adults alike will enjoy seeing the street life of Havana from our carriages as we pass through the busy streets on the way to Lenin Park.
  • We will eat lunch near Lenin Park at a true farm to table open air restaurant situated within an urban agricultural farm. We have the option of touring the farm and children will love to explore its grounds while parents relax under the thatched roof bar enjoying a beverage with the restaurant’s award-winning mixologist.
  • After lunch we will see more of Havana’s sites with our guide: The National Theater, The Capitol Building and of course The Morro Fort and Castle.
  • We will take a visit to the US Embassy and see Old Glory flying for the first time in 60 years.
  • We will re-coup back at our accommodations, get ready for dinner and relax.
  • We will stop along the ocean for a photo shoot before dinner.
  • After dinner we will continue to explore this exciting city with our guides.

Day 4 | Old Havana

  • After a breakfast buffet, we will have a half day beach day.
  • On our way to the beach, we will do a “drive-by” of Punto Zero (Point Zero) aka Fidel Castro’s Havana home (the only permitted way to see it) and travel through the stylish tree-lined Vedado neighborhood and the embassy district.
  • We will regroup back at the hotel in the afternoon then have a double Happy Hour. Our first will be at the legendary Hotel National with its intriguing underground tunnels that were used by Fidel and his men during the overthrow of Batista. We will then sip Mojitos or Lime Rickeys on the expansive manicured lawn of the hotel and recall a bygone time of leisure when ferries shuttled back and forth from Miami for leisurely weekend excursions.
  • Happy Hour #2 begins when the classic Chevy convertibles, true American beauties, pull up at the hotel valet station to chauffeur us through Havana to our final paladar restaurant for dinner.
  • After dinner we will enjoy more of the sights and sounds of Havana with our guides or go back to our accommodations for a comforting nightcap.

Day 5 | Havana

After breakfast, we will have the chance to purchase gifts and keepsakes at area shops before stopping into our favorite bakery for pastries and a mid-morning coffee break. We will then eat a delicious home cooked meal at a private home on the way to the airport. We will leave with a full stomach and many memories of interesting fun-filled days in the newly discovered nation of Cuba! You will go home with many stories of a land very few Americans have yet to experience.

*Cuba is a country in transition. Our itinerary can change due to forces beyond our control. In such an event, rest assured that we would improvise and partake in a similar activity or event.

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