Cuba Reading List


Recommended Reading by  The New York Times


Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire

Mr. Eire’s memoir about his childhood in Cuba and eventual exile won the National Book Award for nonfiction in 2003. The author told The Times that the book was about what’s precious in childhood and how that can be corrupted and blown up and destroyed by political circumstances


Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson

Mr. Anderson’s book, published in 1997 was the first major biography of the revolutionary. In The Book Review, Peter Canby wrote: ‘Mr. Anderson does a masterly job in evoking Che’s complex character in separating the man from the myth and in describing the critical role Che played in one of the darkest periods of the cold war. Ultimately, however, the strength of his book is in the wealth of detail”


Bacardi and the Long fight for Cuba: by Tom Gjelten

The history of Cuba told through the family behind the Bacardi rum Company, founded when Cuba was still a French colony. In a review in The Times, Barry Gewen wrote: “There’s a shelf of histories to consult” about Cuba but it’s hard to imagine that any is as enjoyable as this one”


Telex from Cuba: by Rachel Kushner

Ms. Kushner’s first novel is about a group of American’s prospering in Cuba before Castro’s revolution, and what happens to them when change comes. In the Book Review, Susann Cokal wrote: “Kushner’s sharp observations about human nature and colonialist bias provide a deep understanding of the revolution’s causes”


Trading with the Enemy: A Yankee Travels through Castro’s Cuba by Tom Miller

Mr. Miller’s account of eight months he spent in Cuba, including run-ins with some well-known people and ordinary citizens.