Cuba Info

Strict Tourism for Americans is still illegal in Cuba.

American travelers must have  full time itineraries and fall under one of 12 categories (usually Cuban authorities will not question or monitor a traveler, but it is entirely possible)

Feel Safe and Secure with Cuba Up Close

Cuba Up Close  supplies all fully approved required documentation, accommodations, transportation and meals (with happy hours)

You can fully relax and enjoy the best this country has to offer!

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Important Facts about Travel in Cuba

Cuba Up Close prepares and organizes all necessary documentation to enter Cuba and to travel within the country.

We provide you with a travel packet of everything you need:  the visa, the required Cuban health insurance card, and a formal letter granting you access and travel within our itineraries under OFAC 515.565(b).

Cuba Up Close accepts credit cards for payment. Credit cards are NOT accepted in Cuba. (Online travel blogs might make mention of credit cards, however they are referring to non-USA based banks).

Cuba Up Close handles all the details. You do not have to worry about carrying around large sums of cash for hotels, meals, transportation, site fees and travel within the island.